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About Us

Formerly known as HSL Engineering Enterprise (HSL), since 1998.

We have garnered acclaim as a proficient contractor and supplier, renowned for our delivery of high-quality pumps, valves, blowers, and related system equipment. We excel in providing on-site and in-house repair services as well.

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What We Do

We take great pride in our established reputation as a reliable contractor and supplier, consistently delivering top-notch products and services in the realm of pumps, valves, blowers, and related system equipment.

Installation Support Service

Our committed service engineers consistently offer timely support for installations, taking pride in ensuring reliable service and maintaining high-quality standards for every pump.

Commissioning Services

We prioritize safety measures during installation to ensure peak equipment performance from the start. Our goal is cost-effectiveness, minimizing downtime while maintaining long-term equipment functionality.

Service & Maintenance

HSL Engineering has extensive partnerships with various pump vendors, allowing us to service nearly all pump brands. We provide genuine OEM parts for effective pump repairs.

Repair & Overhaul

Implementing a routine maintenance program extends pump lifespan, reducing repair costs and preventing unplanned downtime. Pump owners are advised to follow manufacturers’ recommended service routines for optimal performance.

Latest Projects

HSL Engineering Sdn Bhd definitely provides the preventive maintenance Service and truly understand your pump needs. Check out our work here.