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ANDRITZ vertical line shaft pumps, VLSP series, are available in different designs, with adjustable angle impellers and materials optimized for service conditions and customer requirements. These pumps can be used for various operations and applications such as water supply, flood control, desalination and in power stations.ANDRITZ vertical line shaft pumps, VLSP series, can installed for a wide range of different industrial processes. They are used in water transport for irrigation and drainage as well as drinking and industrial water supply. Additionally, these pumps can also function as cooling water pumps or flue gas desulphurization pumps for power stations. Finally, ANDRITZ vertical line shaft pumps from the VLSP series are used as seawater intake pumps for desalination plants.

Andritz Vertical Lined Shaft (PDF)


Design Impeller Head Flow Rate Power
pull-out or non pull-out
radial, mixed flow or axial; adjustable or fixed
up to 80m (single-stage) up to 120m(multi-stage)
up to 70,000 m3/hour
up to 10,000 kW