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The Grundfos CM Booster PT is an automatic booster system for water supply in domestic and agricultural applications as well as other installations where small leakages are expected to occur. The booster system consists of a Grundfos CM pump, a pressure tank and a pressure switch assembled into one unit. The tank is delivered with the product and is easily connected to the CM pump. The system is now ready for use, with preset start pressure and compliant tank precharge pressure. The pressure band is approximately 1 bar. When the system has been connected to the pipes, it is all a matter of inserting the plug into a power supply socket, and the system is operational.


  • CM pump
  • pressure tank to minimise the number of pump starts
  • motor protection (single-phase only)
  • automatic operation

operatiing conditions

Max Flow
6 m³/h
Head Max
47 m
Ambient Temperature
0oC to +55 oC
Liquid Temperature
0oC to +60 oC
System Pressure
Max. 10 bar

technical data

Power Supply Voltage
CMB 3 Range > 220-230 Volt, 50 Hz
CMB 5 Range > 220-240 Volt, 50 Hz
Power Supply Cable
2 m with plug
Enclosure Class
Undercover installation recommended (IP55)
Approvals and Markings
Listed & Registered in
SPAN SIRIM Certified