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Gruppo Aturia API 610

Gruppo Aturia API 610


These “heavy duty” type centrifugal pumps are designed for high efficiency industrial services under extreme temperature ranging from -100°C up to +450°C. These pumps provide the answer to a wide variety of pumping problems from the most difficult liquefied gases at low temperatures, to the similarly difficult conditions of service of the petroleum industry where liquids have to be pumped at temperatures well in excess of their ignition point.

Between these two extreme cases, there is an important range of liquid where the pumping temperature is close to the boiling point causing dangerous hydraulic reactions at the impeller eye, the effects of which could not be withstood by a standard pump. These pumps are the result of long practical experience gained in actual operation on these conditions over many years in main industrial installations. Rugged design together with the highest quality modern production techniques make these pumps suitable for heavy duty pumping.

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