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The Lovato Electric BF0910A230V260 three-pole contactor is a versatile and reliable device that is ideal for use in a wide range of applications. It is a heavy-duty contactor that can handle up to 9A of current, making it suitable for use with high-power loads.


  • Three-pole: Yes
  • IEC operating current: 9A
  • AC coil: Yes
  • Overload protection: Yes
  • 1NO auxiliary contact: Yes


  • Three-pole: The BF0910A230V260 is a three-pole contactor, which means that it can switch three separate phases of power.
  • IEC operating current: The BF0910A230V260 has an IEC operating current of 9A, making it suitable for use with high-power loads.
  • AC coil: The BF0910A230V260 has an AC coil that is compatible with 230VAC, 50/60Hz power supplies.
  • Overload protection: The BF0910A230V260 has overload protection, which protects the contactor from damage in the event of a fault.
  • 1NO auxiliary contact: The BF0910A230V260 has a 1NO auxiliary contact, which can be used to provide feedback on the status of the contactor.