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Any related equipments to support your pumping needs. Available upon request, contact for enquiry.


We take great pride in our established reputation as a reliable contractor and supplier, consistently delivering top-notch products and services in the realm of pumps, valves, blowers, and related system equipment.

After Sales Service & Maintenance

Service and maintenance play a considerable part in the durability of the pumps and equipment. At HSL Engineering Sdn Bhd, we assure to provide you with the optimum technical service through years of accumulative knowledge, experience and expertise. We invest in constant training and working hand in hand with our vendor to upkeep with the industry, its engineering skills and latest technology.

Our Promise

HSL Engineering Sdn Bhd definitely provides the preventive maintenance service and truly understand your pump needs. Sign up an agreement with us today, less worry about your pump equipment while you focus on your business success.

Chemical Pumps

Booster Pumps

API Pumps

Fire Pumps & more!


Our dedicated service engineers will always be there to provide support in any installation service at any given time. We take pride in our engineering team providing reliable and timely service. For us, every pump is important, with no compromises on quality.


During installation, we take up all safety and precautionary measures to ensure equipment runs at peak performance right from start. Our aim is to be cost-effective, minimize downtime while maintaining long-term equipment performance.


HSL Engineering has built an exclusive relation with a vast range of pump vendor for many years, enabling us to service almost any pump brands. This allows us to Bring you genuine parts from the manufacturer (OEM) For your pump repairs.


A routine maintenance program will definitely extend The lifespan of the pump since well maintained equipment lasts longer and thus saving clients cost of repairs. Most crucial is to avoid the unplanned downtime when you need it most. We encourage pump owners to adhere to the service routine recommended by the manufacturers.