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Rodelta HZC (OH2 API 610 Pump)

Rodelta HZC -OH2 API 610 Pump


The pump type HZC ( OH2 ) is a series of horizontal overhung centerline mounted, single stage, single suction heavy duty centrifugal pumps with diffuser and volute design casings. The design of HZC complies with the latest edition of the American Petroleum Institute standard ‘Centrifugal Pumps For General Refinery Services’, also known as API 610/ ISO13709. Satisfying this standard, the HZC meets the high level performance requested by refineries and petrochemical industries.


  • Delivery size up to 300 mm
  • Capacity 10m3/hr to 1920m3/hr
  • Head up to 380m
  • Suitable for liquid Temperature: Up to 425ºC
  • Sealing Arrangement: mechanical seals
  • Flange rating: CI. 150/300/600
  • API material options available NACE & ATEX approvals available on request


  • HZC (OH2 centerline mounted)
  • Single stage overhung design pump – API610 ( OH2 )
  • Heavy duty, centerline mounted, radially split casing
  • Back-pull out unit design. Pump internals can be taken out without disconnecting suction/delivery piping or moving driver.
  • The casing is self-venting due to the centerline discharge
  • The impeller is a closed radial design, dynamically balanced and incorporates a wear ring on either side of the impeller.
  • Diffuser design, reduces radial loads, reduces minimum flow requirements, high efficiency at any duty
  • The HZC can be equipped with a self-priming kit that makes the pump self-priming.
  • Volute design, double to reduce radial loadS