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WEG-Cast Iron Single Phase


With cast iron frame, flexible mounting, solid and whole feet and lower operating temperatures, the W22 motors are perfectly suitable for a great variety of industrial applications and meets the efficiency level according to IEC 60034-30-1.


  • The ventilation system design of the W22 line provides lower noise levels and allows a better distribution of the air flow over the motor, which minimizes hot spots on the surface and increases reliability and useful life.
  • The fan cover made of cast iron offers greater impact resistance IEC 160 / NEMA 254T and larger and all IEEE 841 (IEC 63-132 / NEMA 143T-215T standard W22 are heavy gauge stamped Steel)
  • Terminal box and eyebolts positioned so as to reduce the air flow dispersion
  • Lower operating temperature on the bearings, resulting in longer lubrication intervals


  • Non-contact/contact thermometer
  • CaixaMain terminal box in welded steel
  • Additional terminal box For “Y” connection with access to the neutral terminal
  • Stainless steel fasteners
    Suitable for VFD applications